I regret to inform you that Midwinter Madness has been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
We are not doing this out of fear. I expect most of us will get this virus at some point, it will be miserable, and most of us will recover just fine. But some will need to be hospitalized, particularly the demographic of the typical ham. If we all get sick at the same time, hospitals will be overwhelmed and be unable to care for people adequately. So we have to do our part to help slow it down. If you’ve ever been to a Hamfest, you’ll know “social distancing” is impossible.
I know everybody was really looking forward to MWM, and we’re going to lose money on this. But that’s true for every event that is cancelling, so we’re in good company. Attendance was likely to be low, and vendors have already started cancelling.
We’re hoping to reschedule it in the fall- think “Fall Madness”. If we can’t make that work, we’ll certainly be back next year.
Stay well, everybody!
Benton Jackson, K0BHJ
President, Maple Grove Radio Club

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