k0yvz - Dennis Anderson


To recognize individual Minnesota Amateur Radio Operators who demonstrate the principle of “amateur service to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communication service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications.” (FCC Part 97)


Dennis Anderson, KØYVZ, was an active member of Robbinsdale Amateur Radio Club (RARC) and an employee of North Memorial Medical Center (NMMC). In the early 1990’s Dennis was instrumental in establishing the North Emergency Communication Team, an emergency communications support organization at NMMC that foreshadowed the Homeland Security and the Metro Hospital Compact scheme by more than a decade.


Nominees must have provided exceptional Amateur Radio related service to the public. The served entity must not be Amateur Radio related. Living nominees may have provided short term service in the preceding calendar year, SKs must have provided a long term service, or had a long lasting effect.


Nominations may be made by any organization, or by any two or more individuals. Amateur Radio affiliations are not required to submit a nomination. Contact information must be provided for an organization representative or nominating individuals to include mailing address, telephone number and email address.

No self nominations. Nominations must be received by Maple Grove Radio Club (PO Box 22613, Minneapolis MN 55422 or info@k0ltc.org) between December 1 and the second Wednesday in January preceding the award.

Nomination narratives are not to exceed two typewritten pages, but packages may include supporting documentation such as news clippings, citations, or recordings of news reports.


A committee of three or more members of MGRC shall review all nominations for eligibility, verify facts, gather additional information, and prepare nominations for presentation to the MGRC membership at the regular February meeting. The committee shall present no more than five nominations to the membership.

The selection shall be made by secret ballot of MGRC members in actual attendance at the February regular meeting (no proxy votes allowed). In the event of a tie run-off ballots will be held until a winner is selected.


The award will be presented at Midwinter Madness immediately prior to the grand prize drawing. The recipient will receive a suitable plaque and their name, callsign, and year of award inscribed on a master plaque on display at NMMC in Robbinsdale MN.

Award Recipients

  • 2010: Dennis Anderson – K0YVZ
  • 2011: Tim Arimond – N0BYH
  • 2012: Ralph Bierbaum – N0AWN
  • 2013: David Johnson – N0KBD
  • 2014: John Regan – KA0HYR
  • 2015: Matt Stepaniak – N0TNL
  • 2016: Mike Ostlund – N0ANP
  • 2017: John Scott – N0HZN
  • 2018: David Ventura – KE0NA
  • 2018: Doug Nelson – AA0AW
  • 2019: Maline and Dan Fish – KB0XC
  • 2020: Jay Bellows – K0QB
  • 2021: Gregory Widin – K0GW
  • 2022: Michael Sigelman – K0BUD