Technicians License Preparation Class

Get started in a fun hobby where you can communicate around the world or across town.

The Technician class license is the entry-level license of choice for most new ham radio operators. To earn the Technician license requires passing one examination totaling 35 questions on radio theory, regulations and operating practices. The license gives access to all Amateur Radio frequencies above 30 megahertz, allowing these licensees the ability to communicate locally and most often within North America. It also allows for some limited privileges on the HF (also called “short wave”) bands used for international communications.

This class is sponsored by the Maple Grove Radio Club – a service oriented club serving the Northwest suburbs by providing assistance to public safety, hospitals, parades, fun runs, bike tours, and antique car runs to mention a few.

This is a study class where we will assist you with your learning. That means that you are expected to study between classes.

  • When: Every Monday from Feb 10th, 2020 to April 13th.
    Class time 6:45 – 9:15 pm
  • Where: Life Assembly Church, 6900 W Fish Lake Rd, Maple Grove, MN, 55311
  • Cost: $20 registration fee due first night of class.
    You will also need to purchase “The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual” for about $30.

Details will be emailed to you after you register for the class.

To Register or get answers to your questions: Email

Please include your name, Address, and phone contact information as well as your email address.

The Technician License exam will be offered on the last night of class for an additional fee of about $15.00.

To learn more about the Maple Grove Radio Club, please visit: